Since writing an article about higher profile actors doing more voice acting and motion capture for games I’ve come up with some cracking (if I do say so myself) suggestions on who I’d like to see cast into the games industry. With that in mind, here’s some suggestions:

‘The Ultimate Warrior’ as… ‘Kratos’ (God of War)!

With his bulging, ripped physique, wild eyes, powerful voice and sheer insane mind, WWF icon ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ would perfect to play ‘Kratos’ in the God of War series. Not only does he look genuinely capable of ripping someone’s head off with his bare hands, like ‘Kratos’ did to ‘Helios’ in God of War 3, but their spirals into madness also run freakishly parallel.

Just as ‘Kratos’ is consumed by revenge (ultimately leading him to kill absolutely everyone… friends included) ‘The Ultimate Warrior’s obsession with power and money lead to his own self destruction and madness. He broke his word, he broke his friendships and he broke his career. In 1991 ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ (real name at the time ‘James Brian Hellwig’) legally had his surname changed to ‘Warrior’. The mark of true insanity.

Of course, the most obvious reason why ‘Warrior’ should get the job lies in his infamous wrestling promos. The deep, anger-filled voice he possesses, the utter gibberish he blarts, the “power of the warriors” which give him his strength. Take ‘Kratos’ ancient Greek affiliation away from him and you are essentially left with ‘The Ultimate Warrior’. Watch the video below; it’s like watching an audition tape for the part of ‘Kratos’ in a God of War film.

Mr T as… Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy VII)!

Much like ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ and ‘Kratos’, creed aside, A-Team icon ‘Mr T’ and Final Fantasy VII‘s ‘Barret Wallace’ are so alike that it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if it was discovered ‘Wallace’ was modelled on ‘Mr T’ in the first place.

With their brash, no BS outlooks on life and their brutally honest, straight to the point mannerisms it’s hard to see where ‘Barret’ begins and ‘Mr T’ ends; the only difference being ‘Barret’s not afraid to spout his potty mouth for time to time.

Put it this way… could you imagine someone delivering such ‘Barret’ pearls of wisdom as Shit! The hell you so calm about? You bustin’ up my rhythm… without sounding deep, authoritative and an all-round badass? Of course you couldn’t! Which is why ‘Mr T’ is the only man that could ever voice ‘Barret Wallace’.

A screenshot from Final Fantasy Seven

Tony Jaa as… Lead Character in Sleeping Dogs 2 (Sleeping Dogs)!

There’s quite a few sequels I’d like to see get made: a sequel to Dredd 3D is one of them and a sequel to Sleeping Dogs is another, because despite my disdain of open world, sandbox games… I rather enjoyed it.

With the game’s martial arts styling steeped in references to classic martial arts films, if a sequel does get made, why not go whole hog and hire a real life martial arts superstar to play the lead character? And before you start with your suggestions of Jet Li or Jackie Chan, let me first state my case for Tony Jaa.

Never heard of Tony Jaa? I didn’t think so. All you need to know is that he’s a bad man. A bad, bad man. Oh, and he’s also the star of some of the greatest modern day martial arts films. My personal favourite is Warrior King (or The Protector as it is alternatively titled) which includes a scene where a man throws a baby elephant through a window like a hammer thrower at the Olympics.

Amazing film record aside, his look makes him ideal for the role too. His youthfulness matches that of the lead character in Sleeping Dogs, ‘Wei Shen’. His fashion sense is equally as bad too… However, it’s his fighting style which seals the deal. In every one of his films Jaa is brutal, uncompromising, downright unbelievable and utilizes the environment in his fight sequences – again ringing true with the fighting style of Sleeping Dogs. Famed for his own stunts and ‘anti-wire work’ stance, watching him fly around the screen snapping limbs, throwing people through windows and crushing people with his may thai is a sight to behold. Regardless of whether there will be another Sleeping Dogs JUST GIVE THIS MAN A GAME TO WORK ON GOD DAMMIT!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I’ll leave you with a clip of Mr Jaa in action in the previously mentioned Warrior King. Turns out someone has kindly and illegally uploaded its infamous hotel scene on YouTube. I dare you to watch it and not be amazed by the fact that it was filmed by one camera, all in one long take. No camera cuts, no breaks. Just Jaa doing what he does best. From start to finish a martial arts masterpiece.


Written By Kieran Roycroft, 30th Sep ’13